"We produce training for both kids and adults, and we have the hard job of making cyber security and technical content engaging and interesting - even for those that have yet to find their passion. Raindrop helped us in numerous crucial ways. Vocal clarity and audio quality enhanced the feel of the training product massively - I never knew what a difference it would make to the feeling of our quality. The composition for engagement in the games was also thoughtful and lovingly constructed. It felt like they cared as much about our project as we did, and that is a rare sentiment." James Lyne, CTO SANS
"Raindrop Sound Design have been instrumental in helping serve a selection of our clients. As a partner for all things audio, RSD understands the importance of being sensitive and adjusting their approach to meet each clients needs. One project that stands out,  was arranging and hosting an online webinar for one of our key clients. RSD took care of all the arrangements, and not only that, ensured the sound quality for the live event was fantastic. They also provided some excellent post event video editing." Waymaker Consulting
"Raindrop Sound Design has enabled me to begin shaping my first podcast. The first edited interview has been very encouraging, there are several others in the pipeline awaiting editing and organising ; a work in progress. This has been a good experience and I regard it as a bespoke service. The music written for the podcast accurately reflects the tone I wished to set. My guests needed  support before the recording in using headphones. Everyone felt calm and assured which made the recordings so far a pleasure." Hazel Woodwood
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