Examples of Client Work

At Raindrop Sound Design, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our portfolio , ranging from Podcast recordings, to video editing, to composing music for commercial videos, TV, Film, as well as Computer Games. Sometimes, we even combine a number of thes medias together, depending on the needs of our clients.

Below are some recent examples of our work

Mobio Distribution

Mobio Distribution are one of the UK's largest import/export companies focusing on parts for various smartphone makes. They commissioned Raindrop Sound Design to create a video showing the manufacture of their new line of in-house batteries. The video also includes music composed by us.

Ski Fit 365

Ski Fit 365 is an exciting new VR game, soon to hit the virtual shelves in the Oculus shop. It is a fitness games focused on skiing and has the backing from a current UK Olympic Skier. Raindrop Sound Design are proud to be providing original music for this game.

God's Rollercoaster

God's rollercoaster is a brand new podcast, currently on Apple Music. Raindrop Sound Design were tasked with writing the jingle music, as well as editing the material, and piecin together each Episode. Season 2 will soon begin production.